Sunday, October 24th 2021 6:00:33am

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Company data is arguably the most important asset in business.
Your clients, books, leads, and financial data all rely
on your onsite hardware. If it fails, your business can
easily go with it. That is why we are proud to offer
offsite storage of your files in our servers (the cloud)
using highly secure, HIPA compliant encryption. Our
cloud storage is backed by highly secure EMC2 cloud services.

We offer storage in blocks of 10 Gigabytes for $10/mo. No hidden fees here.
Once you have your storage space, it's yours to use on however many devices
you like, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our software
integrates seamlessly with "live" database programs based on Microsoft's SQL,
Oracle, and Microsoft Exchange at no extra charge.

Let us figure out how much space would work best for you. Give us a call and sign up today!