Sunday, October 24th 2021 5:51:37am



From computer networks to security systems, a good cabling job doesn't just rely on the quality of the cables. It heavily depends on the installation technique and attention to detail reliably performed by our certified cable installers. While many cabling companies simply run cable, we plan out our runs for a neat and organized finished product that makes future installs, modifications, and cable identification as simple as can be. You can estimate your cost of a structured network cable install using the guide below. Let us plan your entire project for free.

Cost Estimator1:

<10 runs ~ $145/run including materials2,3

10-24 runs ~ $125/run including materials2,3

25-49 runs ~ $110/run including materials2,3

50+ runs ~ $90/run including materials2,3

Special Pricing for CBT partners. Contact us to find out more.