Sunday, October 24th 2021 4:11:03am

Network Storage

Network Storage

Network Attached Storage devices (NAS devices) increase your storage flexibility for all of your important files and protects your data from hard drive failure. All users can save their important files to a single, secure location and access them from anywhere in the world. It's like a data safe for your business!


A variety of Network Attached Storage (NAS) units are available, each with a wide selections of advanced features. These units can Serve Files throughout your entire network, act as an FTP Server, Media Server, and even Back Itself Up to an offsite location. How the unit functions is entirely up to you, and Core Busienss Technology will ensure you get the maximum use possible out of your NAS for the most exceptional value.

We also offer custom NAS building services for those with very specific needs.

Check out the NAS options provided by Netgear below!