Sunday, October 24th 2021 5:09:42am

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance





Video Surveillance Solutions for protection of employees and company assets are in high demand. Core Buisness Technology offers the most advanced solutions available with sytems that offer the sharpest video and audio around. Complete control is in your hands with an easy to use interface and pan/zoom/tilt controls, all from any internet connected PC or most smartphones, including the iPad. Take a look at some of the full function cameras and systems CBT offers.

This is a typical "high end" video surveillance monitoring system.


Compare with a common solution from Core Business Technoloy. This surveillance system is placed in the same location as the system above.


Controls for pan/zoom/tilt are available in the menu in the first image, yet only function if additional hardware for each camera is purchased and an additional amount of labor is performed to wire such controls. The lower end solution can quickly become costly and offer fewer features in the end.