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As business needs expand, so does the need to manage your data. Servers are specialized computers that do exactly that. From e-mail servers to servers that manage users and their login credentials, Core Business Technology is backed by years of experience in getting the most out of each server.



Server Consolidation using Virtualization Software such as VMware, Citrix, of Microsoft's Hyper-V technology, is the most efficient approach at using servers to their full potential. Several Servers can effectively reside on one physical machine, each sharing all available resources, yet act independently of each other.

The advantages of server consolidation through software are numerous and extremely beneficial for everyone in a company or organization. Downtime due to a server crash is virtually eliminated, and new servers can be deployed in less than 15 minutes with no new hardware needed! View the video below for an expanded explanation of some of the benefits. To see how Virtualization can help your business, send us an E-mail telling us what you expect from your technology and we will match you with the ideal solution that will exceed your expectations.